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Eyelash Services


Eyelash Lift/Lamination with Lash Tinting


Lash lifts are done by perming your natural lashes into a beautiful curl shape that lasts up to 6 weeks! No maintenance is needed for this service, and you can even wear mascara to create a bolder look. Black tint can be applied for optimum results, which makes your lashes really POP!

* A complimentary keratin nutrition boost serum is applied after the service to reduce hair follicle breakage, and support healthier eyelash growth. 

Lash Lift with Tinting


Appointment Duration

45 minutes


6-8 weeks

Unlike eyelash extensions, there is no need for a 2 week “fill” appointment- with lifts or tints.



A lash enhancement treatment that curls your natural lashes upward giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyelashes! A black tint can also be added to give the appearance of mascara adding a bolder look.

*Longevity may be dependent on skin type and lifestyle (activities, sun exposure, facial regimens, etc.) 

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